Removable Dentures are advised by your dentist to help restore the form and function of the missing teeth. They can be either partial(when you have one or few missing teeth) or complete(when you lose your entire teeth)

Why Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures are one of the many ways of replacing your lost teeth. They help in restoring the structure and function of the teeth. Although they are least preferred in the present times, they have their own advantages.Some of them are:

  • They are easy to clean as they can be removed by patients themselves.
  • They are less expensive.
  • They can be customized to any patient irrespective of the underlying health conditions, provided the quality of the underlying bone is good.
  • They can be modified to some extent without having to make a new one, in case it gets loosened due to change in dimensions of the bone.

How to Carefully Handle Removable Dentures?

Although, we think it is easy to maintain removable dentures, we still need to handle them as carefully as we care for our natural teeth. Following are the steps you need to consider while using your removable dentures

  1. Clean your dentures regularly: It is very important to wash your dentures under the running water after your meal every time to prevent the accumulation of food particles on its surface. Food accumulation leads to microbial growth like bacteria and fungi and thus leading to infections over a period of time.
  2. Store in water: Your dentist will instruct you to remove your dentures at the night time before sleeping. When you remove your denture, place it in a container with little amount of water. This preservesand keeps your denture moist andprevents shrinkage of the denture.
  3. Care for your denture as you care for your teeth: Brush the denture twice daily,with soft tooth brush with mild strokes. This helps in removing any plaque that adhered to the denture and prevents malodour.
  4. Denture Cleanser: Soak denturesin a denture cleansing solution for 15-20 minutes and rinse the denture thoroughly. This helps to clear all the deposits on the denture. If not rinsed properly, the chemicals in the cleansing solution may cause rashes or ulcers in your mouth. Also, this step helps in keeping your mouth safe from microbes.
  5. Handle safely: Even though dentures are strong enough to withstand our chewing forces, they need to be handled very carefully as there are chances of them getting broken if they fall down. Old dentures have increased chances of breaking, hence they need better care.
  6. Check for loose fits: If you are a long term denture wearer, then you must check if you have loose fits or any discomfort while speaking or chewing. Loose fits occur because the bone underneath the denture starts resorbing. This is a very natural phenomenon and is not a condition to worry as long as you detect it earlier. This can be corrected by simple procedures like relining, etc. in those with diabetes especially uncontrolled diabetes, the bone resorption is faster. They may require frequent visits to their dentists.
  7. Visit your dentist routinely: It is recommended to visit your dentist once in 6 months for a general check-up. This will help both you and your dentist know any defects with your dentures at the earliest and helps in rectifying it as soon as possible.
    Apart from the above mentioned steps, follow the instructions given by your dentist for a healthy and better experience with your dentures.

Smile is very precious. Just because you lose your teeth, you don’t lose your smile. Keep smiling.



Halitosis or oral malodour is medical terminology for bad breath. Most of us have experienced this in the early morning immediately after we wake up. But, sometimes due to certain reasons, the foul odour persists. Here we will know about the causes, symptoms, treatment.


There is a wide range of causes for halitosis. Some of them are:

Poor oral hygiene

 This is the most common cause as we think brushing is enough to maintain good oral health. But that is not the only thing that keeps your breath minty fresh. The food we eat sometimes adheres on to the tongue. Most of us forget to clean the tongue regularly. About 70% of the bad breath is due to poor cleaning of the tongue.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by various underlying health conditions like diabetes, also as an adverse effect of certain drugs. As the saliva helps in keeping our oral cavity clean, its absence leads to the accumulation of food particles in the spaces between the teeth and thus causing the bad breath.

Systemic conditions

 Some health issues like liver malfunction, lung conditions like lung cancer, bronchiectasis, upper respiratory infections, etc. Also, some kidney diseases also cause oral malodour due to release of certain metabolites. Other conditions like sinusitis, postnasal drip, tonsillitis(stones in the tonsils), etc also cause bad breath.

Food intake

Foods containing onion, garlic, and some spices also lead to bad breath for a short period.


 Habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, cause malodour as they contain certain components that lead to decreased salivary production, in turn, causing halitosis.

Food impaction

 It means that whatever you eat gets stuck in the cavities of your teeth if any or else in the spaces between your teeth if your gums have receded.




The treatment of halitosis as of now is not well defined. Following some of the steps below will help reduce the bad breath to some extent:

  •         Brushing twice daily.
  •         Flossing once daily.
  •         Using mouth rinses with hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, etc.
  •         Thorough rinsing of the mouth after each meal.
  •         Most importantly, diagnosing the underlying systemic diseases if any is necessary
  •         Do not forget to visit your dentist once in 6 months for general scaling and polishing.


Mouthwashes are one of the most useful remedies in treating halitosis/bad breath. Those mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine help in killing the bacteria in your mouth which cause the foul smell. Thus using it regularly, helps in reducing the bad breath.


  •         Rinse your mouth regularly with warm salt water along with a pinch of turmeric.
  •         Chew few cardamom seeds or anise seeds once a day.
  •         Include yoghurt in your diet every day as it is a rich source of probiotic bacteria which helps in reducing the load of malodour causing bacteria in your mouth and also your gut.
  •         Water is the most important yet most ignored medicine for bad breath. Drinking adequate amount of water as per your BMI helps clear the mouth of minute food particles stuck in between the teeth and also the gut, thus helping in the prevention of bad breath from the stomach.
  •         Rinsing with mint water gives a feeling of fresh breath and it stays for longer hours. Boil 5-10 mint leaves in 500 ml of water and use this mint water first thing in the morning and as many times as possible in the day.

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This pandemic has instilled fear in everyone around us. Most of us are sacred even to the regular check-ups done. But now all your fears can no longer haunt you as SDC, one of the best dental clinics in Chennai is well equipped with all the safety measures to protect you amidst the existing pandemic.

The present COVID-19 situation is a difficult one to face and has made the living tough. But, as everyone is accepting the new normal, it is equally important to care for your dental health more than before as the regular wearing of mask leads to a condition called ‘MASK MOUTH’. Also, the anxiety for dental treatments has reached to a peak where people try to bear the torment rather than going to their dentist for proper care and diagnosis of the underlying condition.

We, the team of SDC, are trying our best to protect you from the virus and also to help you out of your dental troubles by taking a number of safety measures.

Dental clinic guidelines COVID 19:

  •         We see that every patient wears a mask.
  •         Every patient sanitizes his/her hands.
  •         Check your temperature and oxygen saturation levels.
  •         Sterilize the waiting area every time a patient leaves.
  •         We see that the waiting area is not crowded and social distancing norms are maintained.
  •         The consulting room is sterilized with UV radiation after every patient’s visit.
  •         All the instruments and equipment used are properly cleaned and subjected to infection control.
  •         We insist our patients take appointments to help reduce the crowding and long waiting hours.
  •         All the doctors and assisting staffs are well aware of the sanitization, sterilization, and infection control protocols.
  •         Your every record is maintained both manually and electronically to prevent any miscommunication in future appointments.

We are as concerned as you are for your safety and oral health. Now it’s your turn to reach out to us to avail of our services for the betterment of your illness and to prevent any further dental problems by visiting our clinic.


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