Tooth Removal Aftercare Tips

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Tooth Removal Aftercare Tips

Dental extraction or commonly known as tooth removal is an ancient practice in dentistry that is even practiced in modern days. Tooth removal has gone completely painless thanks to the modern anesthesia and tooth removal instruments, tooth removal is practiced without damaging adjacent teeth or surrounding bone reducing further damage.

According to the survey the common teeth to be removed are wisdom teeth, the 3rd molar ( technical terminology of wisdom teeth) are usually impacted or prone to dental caries. The next in the order is the permanent canines as they get impacted as they have the longest path of eruption.

There are a number of do-s and don’t-s that has to be followed after tooth removal:

Hold the cotton plug:

tooth removal

Do hold(bite the cotton gauze) the cotton for the next 15mins after the extraction, as this will compress the blood vessels and arrest further bleeding.

Have an ice cream:

tooth removal

Ice cream is most recommended here, as the cold temperature helps the blood vessels to contract and arrest the bleeding. You can also have fresh cold fruit juice or plain cold water other than ice cream but remember not to use a straw to drink as they create negative pressure in your mouth and induce bleeding.

No spitting or gargling:

tooth removal

the initial blood clot is most important in wound healing. Spitting or gargling distort the clot from the wound and this may cause delayed wound healing or dry socket which is a very painful condition.

Do not meddle:

Our fingers may not be completely sterile and any foreign objects like a pin, toothpick, etc,. may also contain germs that cause secondary infections. So don’t meddle with the wound with finger, tongue, or any other foreign objects. 


tooth removal

Spicy food irritates the wound and hot food and drinks dilate the blood vessels that induce bleeding. So don’t take hot and spicy food or drinks for the next 3 days after the removal of teeth.


tooth removal

Smoking is strictly prohibited after tooth/ teeth removal as they break the blood clot and necrose the blood vessels. Also, the hot smoke causes a lot of irritation to the surrounding tissues.


tooth removal

Consuming alcohol delay wound healing and irritates the wound.


Vigorous brushing is prohibited for the next 3 days after tooth removal and rinses very gently after brushing for the next 3 days.


medication foor tooth removal

Continue your medication recommended by your dentist for the next 3 days, if there is any discomfort during and after the medication period, please inform your dentist as soon as possible.


Mouthwash is always recommended after 3 days from the removal of teeth, povidone iodate solution mouthwash is always recommended.

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