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Teeth Braces Cost in Chennai

Teeth Braces Cost in Chennai

what are teeth braces?

Teeth braces are scientifically known as Orthodontic treatment, they are also known as clips and braces, dental clips, etc. Thirty years back the teeth braces were only for children and kids, the teeth were corrected during the developmental stage, and predicted appearance was modified. In recent days Adult orthodontic treatment is getting popular as many individuals are coming forward to align their teeth. Teeth braces cost in Chennai depends on the type of dental braces you select.

Why Adult orthodontics?

People wanted to go for adult teeth braces because of the following condition:


 “I love those who can smile in trouble.”

                                             – Leonardo da Vinci

Smile is more important a great smile can give more opportunity when your smile is an improper condition it will reduce your self-confidence in public.


When chewing is not properly many digestive problems come as a sequel, teeth play a major role in chewing and grinding the food. Malaligned teeth compromise the chewing activity resulting in improper mastication, people can change this by aligning the teeth.


“Age is just a number” 

everyone loves to look great at any age, people with criss-cross teeth and gaps in between teeth will have low esteem. Orthodontic treatment can change the appearance of an individual and for the rest of his/her lifetime.


malaligned teeth can affect your phonetics, orthodontic treatment will help you to gain or improvise your phonetic.

Hence teeth braces can be done for anyone provided they must have complete permanent teeth erupted.

Types of teeth braces cost in Chennai:

All the types of braces mentioned below are the most commonly available braces, the price mentioned is the starting price of each variation at Senthil dental care, all the type of braces are available in monthly installment payment method only at SDC, Chennai.

Superfast braces: this is also known as selfligating braces, the specialty of this braces is they provide faster treatment, high comfort, and low maintenance.

The cost of these braces starts from Rs.45,000 and available in a simple monthly installment.

Ceramic braces: it’s white in color, its semi-invisible teeth braces, and it’s one aesthetic method of tooth movement. 

Ceramic braces price starts from Rs.45,000 and available in a simple monthly installment.

Conventional metal braces: These are conventional braces with clips and bands tied to move the teeth, they are comfortable and the price of premium metal braces starts from Rs.25,000 and available in a simple monthly installment.

The price will not differ if you opt only for bottom teeth braces or back teeth,   

Know About Simple Monthly Installment 

Simple monthly Installment is EMI for tooth braces, the price of the treatment is split into 

Initial and installments

The duration of orthodontic treatment is approximately 15 to 18 months, at the beginning of the treatment the initial is paid( the initial differs with the type of braces).

The installments can be paid on the monthly follow-ups. 

No proofs or checks are required its a simple payment procedure.

Invisible teeth braces or Invisalign is also available EMI, but the EMI will be provided by Bajaj Fincorp or credit card based EMI.

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