This pandemic has instilled fear in everyone around us. Most of us are sacred even to the regular check-ups done. But now all your fears can no longer haunt you as SDC, one of the best dental clinics in Chennai is well equipped with all the safety measures to protect you amidst the existing pandemic.

The present COVID-19 situation is a difficult one to face and has made the living tough. But, as everyone is accepting the new normal, it is equally important to care for your dental health more than before as the regular wearing of mask leads to a condition called ‘MASK MOUTH’. Also, the anxiety for dental treatments has reached to a peak where people try to bear the torment rather than going to their dentist for proper care and diagnosis of the underlying condition.

We, the team of SDC, are trying our best to protect you from the virus and also to help you out of your dental troubles by taking a number of safety measures.

Dental clinic guidelines COVID 19:

  •         We see that every patient wears a mask.
  •         Every patient sanitizes his/her hands.
  •         Check your temperature and oxygen saturation levels.
  •         Sterilize the waiting area every time a patient leaves.
  •         We see that the waiting area is not crowded and social distancing norms are maintained.
  •         The consulting room is sterilized with UV radiation after every patient’s visit.
  •         All the instruments and equipment used are properly cleaned and subjected to infection control.
  •         We insist our patients take appointments to help reduce the crowding and long waiting hours.
  •         All the doctors and assisting staffs are well aware of the sanitization, sterilization, and infection control protocols.
  •         Your every record is maintained both manually and electronically to prevent any miscommunication in future appointments.

We are as concerned as you are for your safety and oral health. Now it’s your turn to reach out to us to avail of our services for the betterment of your illness and to prevent any further dental problems by visiting our clinic.


Senthil Dental Care was established in 2011 and since inception we have catered in providing very high standards of quality treatments to all. With our highly experienced team of surgeons we prioritize in sufficing you with the best of oral care and hygiene.


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