We know the basic anatomy of a dental bridge and a dental implant so far. Now let’s see the difference between the dental implant and the dental bridge and how it affects our oral health.

  1. Condition of the adjacent teeth: Dental implant replaces only the missing teeth whereas Dental Bridge requires the modification of adjacent teeth. For example, to replace one single tooth using a dental bridge, we take the support of the teeth on either side of the missing teeth that is we need to make 3 crowns to replace one tooth. Whereas one dental implant is enough to replace one tooth.
  2. Condition of the Bone: When we replace the teeth with a dental bridge, there will reduction in the height and width of the bone in the region of missing tooth. This is a natural phenomenon occurring in every individual but the pace in which it occurs differs and is called bone resorption. When we place a dental implant, it prevents the bone from undergoing resorption as it acts like the root of the tooth.
  3. Aesthetics: Dental Bridge may initially have a very pleasing appearance but over the time due to the loss of surrounding bone and receding gums, you lose the aesthetic appearance. Whereas Dental implant does not cause such unaesthetic results as they will minimum or no bone loss and receding of gums following the procedure.
  4. Life of the Replaced teeth: Dental Bridge can be made with a number of materials like metal, metal ceramic, all – ceramic, Zirconia, etc. Though some material may last longer, the maximum life of a dental bridge is 10-15 years. On the other hand, the implant tooth when maintained properly will last a lifetime.
  5. Food impaction: Due to loss of residual bone after the placement of dental bridge, there will be food impaction in that region. In case of implants, as there is no loss of bone there will be not be food impaction.

The price difference between the dental implant and bridge may seem quite much but when you are getting your dental implant done, it’s a one- time investment for your healthy tooth. Dental bridge, though seems less expensive in the beginning may cost you more for replacements over the period of time.

Although, dental implant is the best way of replacing teeth, dental bridges are still in use for those who cannot undergo implant procedures due to certain health conditions.

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