Redefine the state of being responsible this International Women’s Day

December 25, 2020 by senthildentalcare0

Love yourself first and everything else falls into the line.

This Women’s day take a step for yourself – beyond celebrating the day, celebrate the woman in you. Why that self care is always limited to time for most of the woman? Every one of you are told that you deserve the best but do you really spare to give yourselves the same?

From battling the pressure to do everything and doing it well every woman tends to sacrifice and let go something. It is not that you have to unwrap the feminine spirit in you; it is about knowing to arrange things first.

Take a pause

Prolonged stress is being as common as breathing. Well yes. This is being invited by each one of you and is compounded by the poor choices that you make when at the edge. One must know how to unwind from stress. Start by making some time for yourself. Like you take efforts to fulfil responsibilities let your me- time fall under this category.

                                                                                  Your goals and dreams have a say too!

All of you deserve a life of your own. It is okay to dream big and plan to tackle and achieve the same. You are capable of so much more. There is nothing to feel stuck about. Remember, you will have equal opportunities only if you start to accept the same.

Learn to Say No

Family over everything is a good choice but not all the time. Over a period of time you might feel you enjoy your responsibilities but everything has saturation. So feel comfortable to use “No” It is not that you are trying to run away from your role it is about trying to create a balance and setting priorities. Do good to others but do good to yourself too.

It’s time to understand self care. It is not an uncharted territory to do so. One must be equally obliged with self care as much as one is obligated to be a caretaker.

Your smile speaks for you every time. Just like you ensure to be the all rounder your smile ensures to be the same. Don’t let your responsibilities occupy the smile space.

Bring in the transformation. Be so good that one is forced to applaud the sprint and vitality in you. Stop everything and think. What do you need to do to be well today?

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