Invisible Braces

What are Invisible braces?

Invisalign or Invisible Braces(which are also known as invisible teeth aligners) are made of transparent polyurethane material that guides in the reiterated movement of your teeth at your desired position.

Conventional wires and braces are no longer required to move your teeth, enhance your self-esteem and confidence level with our new invisible clips that move your teeth 

We only offer variants of USFDA approved dental aligners for longstanding durability and ease of comfortable convenience.

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How Do Invisalign Work?

  • The Invisalign is almost clear and fits aptly onto the teeth of any shape and alignment.
  • These dental aligners (invisible teeth braces) are customized based upon your teeth’ movement either horizontally or vertically and further rotates with the desired dental occlusion.
  • The best of these braces is that it is easy to handle, detachable, and promotes effective teeth movement in absence of clips and wires attached to the teeth. 

Step By Step Procedure of Aligners Treatment

Day1: when you come for invisible aligners a clear clinical consultation is done to analyze what is the actual problem and the problem is asked from the patient to know your point of view.

Day2: Two radiographs are mandatory to analyze whether the problem is skeletal, dental, or a combination. A digital scan is then performed intraorally and photographs are taken (intraoral and extraoral), remember a clean oral environment is compulsory before scanning so it’s better to have a complete scaling before the procedure.

Day3: A virtual tooth movement is shown with an animated video of your teeth for your approval. if your ok with the tooth movement the production of aligners will be performed, if not the tooth movement is further corrected to your desired position till you accept it.

Day4: A training aligner is placed, instruction on how to wear it and maintain it is clearly explained.

Day5: If you are here in Chennai you will be called every month for consultation and two sets of aligners will be provided for every 15 days till the treatment is over.

If you are from outside Chennai, the rest of the aligners will be sent via courier, and the monthly consultation will be done on skype or google meet.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

  • Non-toxic and pose no risk to teeth and gums.
  • A virtual tooth movement is created before commencing the treatment, the treatment will be continued only after you approve with your tooth movement. Any change in teeth movement can be corrected at this time.
  • Transparent and very easy to handle
  • Painless process and easily removable
  • Enjoy any food hassle-free
  • The duration of the treatment is lesser when compared to normal braces.
  • above all get your teeth corrected at the given time.

Invisible Aligners are best for:

  • Celebrity and Models
  • Business people who cannot come for monthly reviews.
  • Travelers
  • International patients where aligners are really expensive in your country.

  • Invisible braces may not be suitable for certain misalignments, complicated bite problems, and problems involved with the facial bone.
  • Invisible braces can treat cases like :
  • spaced teeth,
  • crowded teeth,
  • overjet,
  • overbite,
  • midline spacing,
  • tilted teeth.
  • You can also customize your alignment as a single jaw or both the jaw.

For international patients

For more details on the cost and duration of Invisalign please email us the following details:

  • Dental OPG and lateral ceph radiograph
  • Photograph of teeth (front, side, upper arch, lower arch, face side profile, face during rest, face during smile)


On evaluating the inputs, we will reach out with the procedural details.

for invisalign before and after Photography, please click here


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