Digital Implants

cost of best digital implants in chennai

What are digital implants?

Dental implants placed in a very precise position using guided computer milled stents and 3D model is called Digital Implants or Computer-Guided Implants, they are recent advancements in implant dentistry which eliminates the human errors and provide a highly accurate implant position.

What are the advantages of digital implants?

  1. They are placed in a highly accurate position into the bone, the depth and the angle of implant cover the more bony region and accurate angle for aesthetic crown placement.
  2. More stability is acquired because of high bone contact hence the immediate placement of dental crowns is possible.
  3. Minimal surgical time.
  4. Highly aesthetic.

Requirements of guided implants:

Cone-beam computed tomography(CBCT).

Intraoral scan.

What is the cost of Best Digital implants in Chennai?

The cost may differ from single implants, bridges, and full mouth rehabilitation.

The single implant will cost from $420

The bridge depends on how many implants to be placed.

Full mouth rehabilitation using dental implants will cost from $3,200

Step by Step Procedure:

Step 1:Planning of digital dental implant is done initially by taking a CBCT

digital implant planning

Step 2: intraoral scanning

Step 3: virtually placing the dental implant in the bone and crown placement.

Step 4: placing the dental implant on the patient and immediate crown placement.

(sometimes crown placement can be delayed for osseointegration of the bone).


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