How to Clean Dental Implants? | Dental Implant Maintenance

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Dental implants are medicated equipment used to replace, feel, and function like natural teeth. Its the latest trend on replacing missing teeth without getting the support from the adjacent teeth. Every year there are approximately five hundred thousand people getting dental implants done and over three million people had dental implants to date.


The post-operative care is always essential for all procedures, dental implants are not exceptional. Dental implants do need maintenance on daily basis just like natural teeth and good maintenance protocol follow up will always result in high longevity of the structure.

Visiting dentist once in six months is very essential as the dentist have unique equipment to clean thoroughly around the implant to eliminate any debris, plaque which causes viral and bacterial accumulation. These viral and bacteria will cause resorption of bone around the implant and may loosen the implant, to eliminate this problem it’s mandatory to visit your dentist at least once in six months. The cost of cleaning is inexpensive comparing to the cost of cleaning natural teeth.

How to take care of the implants at home?

Its very simple, just follow the list mentioned below to maintain healthy intraoral implant hygiene.

Use low abrasive toothpaste: some toothpaste may contain abrasives which will slowly erode the smooth polished layer of the implant which will cause plaque and bacterial accumulation. Its always do some research before buying toothpaste or ask your dentist for the best one. The toothpaste must not below 250 RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity ).

RDA is a measurement to find the abrasive effect of the toothpaste in the teeth.

how to clean dental implants

Soft-bristle brush: do use a soft or ultra-soft bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth and do not give high pressure on the implant teeth, brush twice daily to get the maximum results.

Use intraoral irrigator: this is a tool used as in the dental office to clean interdental space with a high-pressure water jet. This works as a dental floss to clean the plaque and debris around the teeth. This is also called waterfloss or waterpick.

water floss

Use Interdental brush: always remember to use nylon coated interdental brush to clean the tough regions present between the teeth or you can use super floss dipped in chlohex mouthwash to prevent retention of bacteria.

intrdental brush

In spite of several challenges dental implants are still the successful replacement of missing teeth, the above-mentioned cleansing instructions are mandatory to avoid peri-implantitis, a disease that can affect the lifetime of dental implants.

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