Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost in Chennai,India.

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The dental implants procedure is a prime leading procedure in dentistry helping thousands of people to get fixed teeth similar to natural teeth, according to survey every one among two has extracted teeth and have removed at least one teeth because of various reasons. The conventional method of dental bridge was the only option for fixed teeth replacement, the consequence of a dental bridge is explained earlier.

The dental implant is the most preferable treatment of choice by everyone as it overcomes the problem of dental bridge, and more comfortable. In full mouth rehabilitation or full permanent artificial fixed teeth, dental implants serve the best.

When no teeth are present it was always a removable denture that was used but in modern dentistry, you can get fixed teeth in spite of any complications. A completely new set of teeth can be delivered even faster than a single fixed tooth. The time taken to deliver the complete fixed teeth will be from 72 hrs to 2 weeks.

Full mouth dental implants cost in Chennai, India varies depending on:

  • Type of dental implant
  • Type of dental implant placement
  • Number of dental implants 
  • Any additional surgeries 
  • Any additional material 
  • Brand 
  • Method of fixing 

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Steps involved in full mouth rehab are:

Day 1: consultation and radiographic evaluation are done. This is done to find what type, how many, and method of fixing the implant.

Day 2: implants are surgically placed, impression, vertical height is determined, and the bite is taken

Day 3: milled bar trial is done, trial teeth fixing is seen and the patient’s opinion is confirmed.

Day 4: permanent fixing is done by the screwable or cementable method.

The basic cost of dental implants starts from 1,40,000/- per jaw

The most convenient methods of full mouth rehabilitation will be explained by the dentist after the evaluation of dental radiographs. The method of rehabilitation determines the cost, to know the cost of various methods of dental implants please click here

full mouth dental implants in chennai

full mouth dental implants in chennai

full mouth dental implants in chennai

full mouth dental implants in chennai

full mouth dental implants in chennai

full mouth dental implants in chennai

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