Dental Tourism in India

Dental tourism in India

Dental tourism or dental vacation means to travel abroad to have affordable dental treatments. India is most popular in having dental tourism among western people. India a country with rich cultural heritage, having dental treatment here is 75% much cheaper than western countries. You can have your dental treatment along with exploring our culture.

Many westerners and nonresidential Indians(NRI)  come to India having medical and dental treatments done once in a year as it can save up to 75% of what they spend in western countries.

The stay and site seeing is also much cheaper when comparing to other countries and the quality of the dental service is more effective hence Dental Tourism in India is well known among the world.

The dental tourism in India is much more affordable than dental tourism in Thailand, dental tourism in Mexico, or any other countries

In SDC, We have tie-ups with many 5star, 4star, and business hotels near our clinic to help you in your stay during your dental vacation, and if you wish we can arrange local tours along with a local guide to serve you better.

The dental implant treatment and invisible aligners are the two common treatments that are commonly traveled for a dental vacation.

Cost comparison 

*The cost mentioned is the starting price only 

(cost is taken from different websites of that specific country and quora)

$= USD

 Cost in United StatesCost in United kingdomCost in India
at SDC
You save
Single implant with temporary$1500
Without abutment
Without abutment
Abutment included
Crown (PFM)$500£450$150$350
Crown (Zirconia)$800£600$214$586
Full mouth implant with an acrylic hybrid Denture$13000£10,000$4600$8400
Zygoma implant$18,000£14,400$6,400/ two implants.$11,600
Removable denture
Aligners (general)$3,499£1995$2000$1500
Aligners (Invisalign)$4,000£2500$2500$1500
LASER Flap procedure
(per quadrant)
Composite fillings on teeth$100£80$40$60
Teeth cleaning$500£400$50$450
Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)$1,000£900$300$700

The price is as of June 2020, please contact us for current details.

How to Plan a Dental Vacation

Step 1: Have a free online consultation.

you can contact us via

  • Mail:
  • WhatsApp: 9087211122
  • skype:manikandaprabhu23

Step 2: Acceptance of the treatment plan and its payment.

Step 3: Your arrival at our local airport and our executives will pick and drop you at the hotel.

Step 4: Initiation of treatment.

Step 5: Completion of treatment in a mentioned number of days.

Step 6: Rejuvenate, enjoy your site seeing.

Step 7: Follow up.

Step 8: Fly back home.

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