Dental Implants Cost in India

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Dental Implants Cost in India

Have you wondered why there is variation in the Cost of Dental Implants in India?

Variation according to their manufacturers

This is because dental implants manufacturers follow their long term success rate on their patients.,

When an implant company launches its implants they keep tracking their implant’s longevity on the patients through the dentist.

The dentist calls their patients for regular follow-ups to track how the implant’s condition in the bone. 

The condition of the implants is followed by the series of radiographs taken from the day of placement until the current date. The quality of the implant is determined with the longer the follow up with successful implant condition into the bone without any bone resorption or microbial adhesion by the implant itself.

This collection of data determines the quality of the implant.

cost of dental implant

dental implant cost in india

A quality dental implant manufacturer, in turn, provides a longer warranty period for the implant.

The price of the implant is determined by the warranty the manufacturers provide.

The average cost of dental implants in India is approximately $400 per implant. The price range increases when choosing the best implant with a longterm success rate, which will last longer.

There are few affordable and cheap dental implants, that doesn’t mean the implant quality is compromised. The data on the longevity of that specific implants is limited or unknown. 

Cost determined by implant material.

The tooth implant cost in India also varies with the materials the implants are made of, the dental implants are generally made of titanium. When few manufacturers make dental implants with other materials such as Zirconia.

The zirconia is an expensive material that has a property similar to titanium and completely metal-free, the cost of a zirconia implant is usually higher than the titanium implants.

Dental implant cost with auxiliary material

The cost of the dental implant also differs from the additional components used to attach the teeth on the implant.

The cost of all on 4 dental implants is totally different, it’s not done by calculating with single implants. There are auxiliary implant materials like multi-unit abutment(MUA) used in this rehabilitation.

The Multi-Unit Abutment is very essential in full mouth rehabilitation with the implant as it holds the metal framework containing the teeth to the implant.

cost variation with special implants

the zygoma dental implant and basal implant cost differ as they are special implants.

Zygoma dental implants are lengthier implant that are used in the most resorbed bony maxilla. The zygoma implant is placed only in the maxillary(upper jaw) region.

Basal or commonly known as single piece implants are special implants that provide with fixing a teeth in three days in a very economic way. when planned for single teeth implant with these types of implant, the cost of single tooth implant with basal implants are affordable, but when planning for replacement a molar tooth with a basal implant, two implants are required to replace a single molar.

Cost variation with implant dentures

hybrid dentures also are known as plastic dentures are much cheaper than malo implant bridges.

To know how much an average cost of one single implant to complete full mouth rehabilitation with implants you must first visit your implantologist for a consultation.

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