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all on 6 dental implant chennai

when a person has a good amount of bone in the back region of the jaw it’s always better to go with 6 implants rather than 4 implants to increase the stabilization of the teeth. Your dentist may suggest all on 6 even if the bone in the back region is poor, this is because the smile width may be more and more teeth may be required than normal denture to please your smile quality.

Do additional procedures required during all on 6? What are they?

There are two options, if the bone quality is good in the back region you will not require an additional procedure but if the quality is poor additional procedures like sinus lifting may be required to place the implant in the back region.

Other procedures are the same as all on 4.

What is the average cost of all on 6?

Again the cost of dental implants depends on the dental implant brands and the cost of the implant is little higher than the normal implant placed for single teeth, this is because of additional components used to withhold the entire denture in this procedure.

Dental ImplantCost (in USD) including acrylic teeth
Nobel Biocare$2900/ per jaw
Dentium$2300/ per jaw
Dionavi$2300/ per jaw

How all on 4/ all on 6 procedure is done?

  • We evaluate the bone and length of the implant with the CBCT radiographs
  • Implant placement and impression during the procedure.
  • Vertical facial height measurements will be taken.
  • Teeth trial fix.
  • Teeth fix.
  • Every three-month online review for one year.


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