999 Dental Braces



What is 999 Dental Braces?

affordable dental braces

This is an innovative concept of Senthil Dental Care to give a quality braces treatment to all, dental braces treatments are getting expensive day by day in private practice and people always look at the quality accompanied by affordability.

When coming to dental braces every one needs in budget-friendly pricing along with convenient timings, people do get referred to dental colleges as they are cheap sacrificing their work, school, college timing.

Keeping this in mind we created this new plan to satisfy your needs to keep the payment simple and give you an effective and affordable orthodontic treatment.

Advantage of 999 braces.

Excellent quality treatment,


You can select your timings including one Sunday,

Phone reminder for the appointments,

Clean and sterilized instruments,

And you get two free tooth cleaning.

How do 999 Dental Braces work?

The total cost of the treatment is Rs.18,000/-, Do not get surprised!

This cost is broken down into two parts 

Initial and EMI, since the treatment duration is approximately 18 months, you will be paying an initial of Rs.4000/- (which includes scaling and polishing, bonding of brackets and an oral hygiene kit) on the first appointment, for next 14 months of visit you will be asked to pay only Rs.999/per month.

If the treatment continues further, no additional charges will be charged.

No security Check leaf, id proofs will be required for monthly EMI

Terms and conditions:

After commencing the treatment you can not switch to other plans.

Since this is an economical plan there will not be any discount from the treatment package.

The cost will cover the treatment till a fixed retainer, removable retainer is not included.

Any accidental breakage will be charged accordingly.

The treatment does not involve functional appliance or growth modification appliance. 

You can not club any other treatment charge with this package.

This treatment may be cheap in pricing, yet effective treatment. This treatment is available in Chennai and Madurai only.

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