Scaling and Polishing

Scaling of teeth is generally cleaning the tooth and the surrounding gums. In our clinic once a patient undergoes scaling he/she is recalled every six months for maintaining a routine in cleaning, removing the plaque (hard food substances which is not cleaned by normal tooth brush), treatment of the gum diseases and also making the tooth surface which has become hard as a result of removing the plaque by scaling to soft and polished surface by well equipped ultrasonic cleaning machines and also hand scaling is done for patients with high sensitivity by dental professional of our clinic putting patients on to the way of good oral health.

When should scaling be done?

Scaling is a procedure done despite of ages starting from kid to old people with teeth present. Generally, for everyone even after brushing small food particles stay in between and irregular surface of tooth left unclean which in later stages form as white bulk also causing the pink gums surrounding tooth to separate from the surface of tooth causing sensitivity when consuming cold and hot food.

Why is polishing done after scaling?

Polishing the surface of tooth is generally done with a special kind of paste that will make hard tooth surface soft. After scaling the surface of tooth surface free from dirt becomes hard due to the machine that shall be polished

Advantages of SCALING

  • Bad smell, breath from mouth can be stopped
  • Preventing of gums from becoming red and painful
  • Prevent sensitivity