Laser Assisted Flap Surgery (LANAP)

Gum disease is the one of the major reasons of early teeth loss. It has also been found out that diabetes and heart diseases have been directly related to gum diseases. Moreover, it is also proved that it is a common reason for premature labor. Hence it is very crucial to treat them. Gum disease is due to dead tissues surrounding the tooth structure which is caused by bacteria.

Flap surgery is the best method for treating diseases of gum and surrounding tissues. It is a minor chair-side surgery where we remove the dead tissues which helps in better bone formation around the tooth. This leads to improved support for the tooth and prevents early tooth loss.

They can be done in two methods.

  • Traditional method
  • Laser assisted new attachment procedure(LANAP)

LANAP is a more accurate method of flap surgery. It is minimally invasive and produces 100% success rate.

Advantages of LANAP:

  • Less pain
  • Higher success rate
  • Lesser bleeding
  • Better bone formation
  • Lesser risk of side effects