A crown is used to cover a damaged tooth. They are also used to whiten or reshape a tooth. In SDC, we provide different types of crowns.

Zirconia crown:

It is more commonly referred to as white metal. It has been accepted world-widely as the strongest tooth colored material.


  • High strength and strong resistance to hard food particles.
  • Non chipable
  • Available in all tooth shades to increase aesthetics
  • Appears natural
  • Does not errode or rust
  • No sensitivity while drinking cold or hot beverages.
  • Non- allergic
  • Lesser trimming of tooth structure
  • No black gum line present
  • 10 years warranty is provided for the crown.

Ceramic crown:

They are made up of a porcelain material fused to a metal in the outer side.


  • Tooth colored material
  • Good durability
  • Available in all tooth shades

Metal Crown

They are made completely in metal. They are silver in color .


No warranty is provided.