Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

They are titanium post that acts as the missing root structure to replace missing teeth (tooth).

Types of replacement:

  • Single
  • Sectional
  • Complete


  • Improved appearance
  • Improvement in food chewing
  • Improvements in speech
  • Good smile
  • Safer than any other method of replacing teeth
  • Gaining back the self confidence
  • Cost effective

Complete teeth replacements with dental implants:

Replacement with delayed loading implant (Conventional Method):

  • 6 conventional implants are placed in single arch
  • Bane quality is essential
  • 2 stage surgical treatment
  • Teeth will be placed after 6 months

Replacement with immediate loading implant:

  • Functional and good looking teeth in less than a week
  • Can be placed in any type of bone
  • This implants can be used for DIABETIC PATIENTS , BLOOD PRESSURE PATIENTS and SMOKER
  • Key hole surgerical technique
  • Painless
  • No additional grafts are required

All on 4

Its a graft free cost effective method to replace a complete set of teeth using just four implants as base.


  • Graft free
  • 4 implants
  • Quick surgery
  • Immediate teeth replacement
  • Painless


Theses implants are used in case of severe loss of maxillary bone, when other implants are nearly impossible to be placed in this types of bone. Surgicaly placed implants gaining the support from the hardest part of the cheek bone(zygoma bone).

For international patients

For more details on cost and  duration of dental implants please mail us the following details:

  1. Dental OPG
  2. Photograph of missing teeth.


On seeing the following details we give the estimation and number of days needed to replace missing teeth.