What is 999 Dental Braces?

affordable dental braces

This is an innovative concept of Senthil Dental Care to give a quality braces treatment to all, dental braces treatments are getting expensive day by day in private practice and people always look at the quality accompanied by affordability.

When coming to dental braces every one needs in budget-friendly pricing along with convenient timings, people do get referred to dental colleges as they are cheap sacrificing their work, school, college timing.

Keeping this in mind we created this new plan to satisfy your needs to keep the payment simple and give you an effective and affordable orthodontic treatment.

Advantage of 999 braces.

Excellent quality treatment,


You can select your timings including one Sunday,

Phone reminder for the appointments,

Clean and sterilized instruments,

And you get two free tooth cleaning.

How do 999 Dental Braces work?

The total cost of the treatment is Rs.18,000/-, Do not get surprised!

This cost is broken down into two parts 

Initial and EMI, since the treatment duration is approximately 18 months, you will be paying an initial of Rs.4000/- (which includes scaling and polishing, bonding of brackets and an oral hygiene kit) on the first appointment, for next 14 months of visit you will be asked to pay only Rs.999/per month.

If the treatment continues further, no additional charges will be charged.

No security Check leaf, id proofs will be required for monthly EMI

Terms and conditions:

After commencing the treatment you can not switch to other plans.

Since this is an economical plan there will not be any discount from the treatment package.

The cost will cover the treatment till a fixed retainer, removable retainer is not included.

Any accidental breakage will be charged accordingly.

The treatment does not involve functional appliance or growth modification appliance. 

You can not club any other treatment charge with this package.


Bone loss is caused by many reasons, the major reasons are, one is tooth damage and the other is periodontitis( gum infection). The bacteria involved in gum infection will eat away the existing bone surrounding the infected gum.

In this, the common bone loss is majorly due to loss of teeth which is left unreplaced. The jawbone shape is preserved due to the constant chewing pressure that is transmitted by the teeth, when the teeth are lost there is no pressure on the jaw bone which indirectly starts resorption. In the first year after tooth loss, there is approximately 25% of bone loss in that particular region and slowly continuous.

The bone which holds the teeth is known as the alveolar bone in dental terms, this is known as the ridge.  The ridge collapses slowly after tooth loss, The removal of the first and the second molar from the upper jow worsens the situation,  when either one or two teeth are removed there are chances of resorption of bone along with sinus wall expansion, this will further thin the bone in that particular region. 

use of dentures

 Dental dentures usually accelerate the bone loss,  when you wear a denture each time you bite the pressure is distributed over the ridge and not into the bone. This will start slowly resorbing the alveolar bone making the denture loose one fine day.

After fixed bridges

You may wonder why a small space is formed between the fixed bridges and your gum causing food impaction. This is because the space on the tooth removed region continues to reserve. Space continues to increase creating a lot of problems like food impaction and Dental caries in the adjacent teeth. 

Associated with periodontitis

As we have already seen, bone loss associated with periodontitis must be cured as soon as possible because in this situation the bone loss is really fast.

The possible treatment will be scaling, LANAP, flap procedure and  scaling and root planning (SRP)

 After the treatment, you must take on precautionary measures to maintain good and healthy gums. 

Bone loss due to bone density

This is a rare case, that can be identified by cone-beam CT,  the white the region on the radiograph is denser bone and the radiolucent region is bone with less density. the treatment is very difficult but the study shows that placement of few implants with body design to attract bone will increase bone density in the particular region.

Bone loss associated with the edentulous region

 This type can be easily treated by placing artificial teeth that also replaces the root part of the teeth. Dental implants are the best method to replace missing teeth because dental implants usually do not allow bone loss because the Ridge receives pressure in a similar way as the natural teeth and few implant designs facilitate bone growth around them.

Immediate placing dental implants are always a better choice because there is very minimal bone loss after the removal of teeth. 

A bone graft may be required if bone loss already present, the height and width of the ridge must be increased to compensate the implant which simulates the natural teeth.

Upper jaw otherwise known as maxilla has more chance for bone loss after tooth removal when maxilla is atrophied severely on the posteriors zygoma implant can help in replacement of teeth and when maxilla is severely atrophied on anterior and posterior then four zygoma implants can help in replacing the missing teeth

It may be also due to hormone imbalance, aging, misaligned teeth, and tumor.

It is a natural process when a tooth is removed it must be replaced as soon as possible otherwise the reduction of bone will be severe when left unreplaced for several years. 


These are the top dentist in Saligramam, Chennai

1.Senthil Dental Care

located in Arunachalam road, opposite to Jains Westminster apartment. the clinic is owned by Dr.MKP. The clinic is located very near to SIMS Vadapalani, Chennai. The clinic is specialized in implant dentistry, clear aligners, and laser root canal dentistry.

2.Craft 32 Dental Care

the clinic is located on Arunachalam road, saligramam. the clinic is owned by Dr.Arul Pradeep. The clinic is specialized in braces and aligners treatment. The clinic is just opposite of S.S.R.Pankajam theater and very near to Fortis Hospital Vadapalani.

3.Implantree International Dental Hospital

The dental clinic is owned by Dr.Johnson Raja and the clinic is specialized in micro dentistry, dental implants, and zygoma dental implants. The clinic is located in Dasarathapuram, Saligramam, the clinic is very near to waterfalls restaurant.

4.Smile Designs Dental Clinic

the clinic is one of the senior-most clinics in saligramam, the clinic is owned by Dr.Srinivas. the clinic is specialized in orthodontics and aligners treatment. The clinic is located on Abbusali street, Saligramam.

5.Arudhra Dental Care

the dental clinic is located on the Arcot road, opposite to Avichi school. the clinic is owned by Dr.Shankar Guhan and the clinic is specialized in maxillofacial surgery and dental implants.


The city Chennai present in the south part of India and it is the state capital of Tamilnadu. the city attracts 45% of Health Tourism from people living abroad to India. The city is also known as the health capital of the country. There are so many medical institutions which have speciality and super speciality, which serves almost 150  foreigners per day who come to Chennai in seek of medical help.

Dental tourism is the current advancement in the branch of medical tourism. Western people come to Chennai to manage their dental issues and also visit the place of interest in Chennai.

We, in Senthil dental care, provides dental tourism in Chennai by helping our patients who are travelling from abroad to get quality dental treatment at affordable cost and enjoy their vacation along with site seeing in Chennai. 

As our clinic is near the top tourist destination in Chennai, In between or after your dental treatment you can visit these places to enjoy your stay in Chennai. 

Marina Beach:

The beach covers 6 kilometres making it the longest beach in the world. The average width of the beach is 300 metres, even though bathing and swimming are prohibited on this beach it is the most crowded beach in the country and attracts 30000 visitors on a single weekend. The beach is urban natural Sandy beach and it lies on the Bay of Bengal.

dental tourism in chennai


It is also known as Mamallapuram, its comprise of 3 seafront granite Shore temple, the temple has 7th and 8th-century religious monument and it is present 60 kilometres from Chennai on the Coromandel coast.

dental tourism in india

Royapuram Fishing Harbour:

Of the natural Harbour,  it is present in Northern part of Chennai, One of the major fishing Grounds of Chennai.

Elliot’s Beach:

  Edward Elliot’s beach is present in Besant Nagar and it is the most attractive beach in Chennai. During the colonial era, it was an exclusive place only for white people. There are so many restaurant food joints near the beach.

SanThome Church:

 It is a church built in the 16th century by the Portuguese. it is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. It was rebuilt in the year 1893 e by the British. the church still stands today and the design of the church is near Gothic style.

Birla Planetarium:

 it is is the largest Planetarium, They have special Virtual tour of the night sky and cosmic shows.

Thousand Lights Mosque:

It is one of the oldest mosque in Chennai, it is present in Anna Salai. The name Thousand lights refer to 1000 lamps present in the mosque.

Fort St. George:

It was built in 1644 by the Britishers. It is now the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly and other official buildings. They have a museum which shows the Governors of Madras from the British period.

Guindy National Park and Snake Park:

The park is 2.70-km square protected land within Chennai. It is an extension of Raj Bhavan which is known as the residence of the governor of Tamilnadu. It is 8th smallest National Park ok in India.

Kapaleeshwar Temple

It is the 7th century Temple which was built by Pallavas. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Parthasarathy Temple:

It is the 8th century Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Temple has 5 Avatar of Lord Vishnu the temple is one of the oldest monument in Chennai.

Valluvar Kottam

 It is a memorial dedicated to the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. Thiruvalluvar wrote the Classic couplets known as ThiruKurals, There are 1330 Kural which teach the value of virtue, wealth and love.

Vadapalani Murugan Temple

The temple was built by Annaswami Nayakar, Temple was built for his personal worship from which he got divine power which made him an Oracle.  It is one of the biggest Murugan temples in the city which comprises of a big pond in the backyard.

Covelong Beach:

A small fishing village which is present on the ECR( East Coast Road). The village is on the way from Chennai to Mahabalipuram. Its India’s first surfing village.

dental tourism in chennai

Golden Beach:

It’s a private beach leased by a private amusement park known as VGP universal kingdom. 

Ripon Building:

It was built by Britishers,  It is one building with a lot of history since 1913. The building is named after Lord Ripon, who was the governor-general of Chennai during British-India.

Vivekanandar House:

The building was earlier known as Ice House, It was built by a  Britisher known as Frederic Tudor 1972. When Vivekanand Swami Vivekananda came to Chennai he stayed in the building, hence the building was named after him. The building is now a museum of Swami Vivekananda life. 

Arignar Anna Zoological Park:

It is commonly known as the Vandalur zoo, It is the first public zoo in India. It was inaugurated in the year 1855 and the zoo is functional till now.

Semmozhi Poonga: 

It is the first botanical garden inside Chennai city, it was opened in 2010. It’s maintained by the Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Marundeeshwar Temple: 

It is a 7th century Chola Temple. It is a Hindu temple built for Lord Shiva.

VGP Universal Kingdom:

It is the first amusement park of Chennai, It is located on the East Coast Road adjacent to the beach of Bay of Bengal.

Crocodile Bank: 

It is a reptile zoo started in 1972 by Rom and Zai Whitaker. It was started with a mission of saving Indian crocodile from extinction. They have night safari which gives the nocturnal visualization of these beautiful reptiles. This crocodile Bank is aided by a non-government organisation.

MGM Dizzee World:

Another theme park located on ECR, they do have beautiful resorts and restaurant facing the beach. The restaurant serves excellent seafood and its one right place for you if you are a seafood lover.

dental tourism

Ashtalaxmi Temple

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and its in the shore of Elliot’s beach. The word “Ashta” means eight and the temple consist eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi who is the giver of all eight forms of wealth (offspring, success, prosperity, wealth, courage, bravery, food, and knowledge).


 It’s commonly known for boating on the backwaters.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, Kanchipuram

It is a 75 square kilometre Bird Sanctuary present in Chennai. Over 3,50,000 Birds from various countries visit this from plants swamplands during migrating season. it is a wonderful place for bird lovers and photography enthusiast.

Pulicat Lake & Bird Sanctuary:

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary is a famous second-largest brackish-water eco-system Lagoon that is 759 km square, situated in the district of Thiruvallur and a protected area of Tamil Nadu, India.

dental tourism in chennai


Kishkinta Theme Park:

It’s a water theme park present near Vandaloor railway station. Its 120 acres of land With scenic environment trees and bushes. it is the first amusement park in India to have a wave pool.

we help to serve the best treatment along with planning time for you to visit these places during or after the treatment allowing you to have a great dental vacation in Chennai.



Tooth removal is an ancient practice done for several ages, The tooth removal was done without any anesthesia by the local barber in the medieval those ages, exodontia was done not only for dental pain but also to cure a few diseases.

In recent times tooth removal is done under local anesthesia and it’s completely pain-free. Two types of local anesthesia are used in dentistry that is lignocaine and articaine, these are amino amide class of local anesthesia.

 People are referred for tooth extraction for several reasons and most common reasons are:

  • Tooth decay 
  • Wisdom teeth impaction
  • Orthodontic teeth removal
  • Gum infection
  • Trauma to the teeth and jaw
  • The child’s teeth are not falling properly.
  • Supernumerary teeth removal
  • Removal of teeth for placing prosthetic teeth.

Pre-dental extractions protocols:

When you visit a dentist for tooth removal, we will ask a few questions about your previous medical and dental history, then we will check your soft and hard oral tissues completely. If needed we recommend dental radiographs such as RVG/IOPA, OPG, or CBCT.

On complete examination and if there are no alternatives(remember saving a tooth is always better than removing it) then the teeth will be recommended for removal. 

If there is any medical history like:


Bleeding disorder

Cardiac problems

Thyroid problem

Renal problem

Neurological problem 

You must consider and get an opinion from your medical officer.

If your pregnant or nursing mother please inform your dentist before tooth removal. Pregnant women must not be exposed to radiographs and can perform tooth extraction only after getting an opinion from your gynecologist.

The medication will be changed post-extraction for nursing mothers.

Types of exodontics:

The type of tooth-pulling can be classified generally with their size, shape, location, and position in the jaw.

We classify it into simple and surgical extraction.

Simple tooth extraction:

When full teeth are intact without any damage to the teeth and the teeth can be pulled out without any complication. 

This is mentioned as simple because the procedure is so easy for the dentist and we do not need any special instruments other than our elevators and forceps. Most of the simple cases do not require any sutures for healing.

The procedure is risk-free as there is no bone coverage involved and no nerve or blood vessels hinder the removal of teeth.

Surgical tooth extraction:

As mentioned in the name, it involves the surgical procedure for the removal of the teeth. The teeth may be positioned in such a way we have to remove gum tissues, bone, or both.

Sometimes there may be sinus, nerves, or blood vessels involved hindering tooth removal making it a complicated procedure.

Special instruments are necessary for these types of extraction and lots of skills in performing the surgery without complication.

Additional materials like bone graft, membranes may be required to cover the bone removed site, in few severe cases, nerve reposition is required.

Surgical tooth removal does require sutures, sutures help in:

Faster healing,

Stops bleeding,

Guards the bone graft and membrane,

Do not allow foreign material or food substances.

Nerve or blood vessel repositioning is required during surgical tooth removal. This alters the position of nerves or blood vessels in different directions after the removal of teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal is mostly a surgical extraction as the tooth is surrounded with maximum bone coverage and nerves passing below it. The wisdom is the last tooth to erupt and its first teeth to be removed if not erupted in the desired direction.

This change in position of the tooth and hitting the adjacent bone or teeth is known as tooth impaction, the impaction is very difficult to be corrected and involves lots and lots of time.

Wisdom teeth and canines are frequently impacted by teeth in humans.

What to do after tooth removal?

  1. After removal of the tooth, your dentist will pack the extracted site with cotton gauze, this is done to stop bleeding. The gauze pack must be removed with clean hands and discarded after ten minutes.
  1. Apply ice pack over the wound, this will stop further bleeding because when you apply an ice pack over the wound the blood vessels shrink and the bleeding will be arrested. Applying an ice pack is really very difficult inside the mouth hence we give good news! Have ice cream….

     Because ice cream acts as an ice pack and has the ice cream over the wound, don’t have cone ice cream or popsicles, it must be ice cream. 

  1. You can also have fresh cold fruit juices. Strictly no aerated drinks are allowed 
  1. Do not use a straw for drinking as it may create negative pressure, the negative pressure will remove the blood clot which is sealed on the wound. Blood clot helps in wound healing.
  1. Don’t eat hot or spicy for the next 3 days, as it may irritate the wound.

6. Do not meddle the extracted site with a finger or toothpick.

  1. Smoking and drinking are prohibited because it will delay wound healing.

8.swallow your saliva, do not spit, gargle, or rinse your mouth for the next 3 days. can brush, but be careful not to brush too hard on the extracted site.

10.last but not least take your medication properly do not skip any course, if pain persists visit your dentist to seek advice on further medication.

In general, Wisdom teeth removal will take more time to heal than a simple extraction.

Bleeding after extraction is normal for the next 2-3 hours they are called primary bleeding and reactionary bleeding. If there is prolonged bleeding even after 3 days you must visit your dentist as soon as possible because this is secondary bleeding. Secondary bleeding is caused by the microbes which affect the blood clot and new blood vessels.

The Other major complication after tooth removal is Dry socket. This condition is caused by excess bone exposure, The exposure of bone may be due to lack of blood clot formation on the wound site or the clot has been dislodged from the wound.  symptoms of dry sockets are severe pain 2 to 3 days after the procedure, the pain will be radiating and there will be e bad breath. 

In this situation, you should visit your dentist to manage the complication. The dentist will apply zinc oxide eugenol paste over the Dry socket.

How to manage pain with normal tooth removal?  

take medication that is prescribed by your dentist after extraction of teeth, you have to follow the instructions given by your dentist and you should not miss any instruction.

The pain may be mild to moderate after removal of the teeth but if you take medications properly you can avoid pain.

 how to manage pain with wisdom tooth removal?

 Pain after wisdom tooth removal is common this is because the tooth is removed along with some part of the bone which was surrounding the tooth. Sometimes there may be pain near years this is because opening your mouth for a long time during the surgery. The long-term stress on the temporomandibular joint will cause pain near your ears. 

Other systemic cause may be due to:

Platelet problem

Coagulation disorder

Medication-induced problems.

If you have any previous medical or dental history do inform your dentist for a safe tooth removal.

The cost of simple and surgical tooth removal will vary according to the complication and additional materials like graft, membrane, and suture materials.

Tooth removal in Chennai, India will be charged from $20 to $200.

In this wisdom teeth, removal can cost from $100 to $200.

Always remember the teeth removed by a dentist are trained and use special instruments for each tooth. Do Not attempt tooth removal at home as it may increase furthermore compilation.


Have you wondered why dental implants cost in India vary according to their manufacturers?

This is because dental implants manufacturers follow their long term success rate on their patients.

When an implant company launches its implants they keep tracking their implant’s longevity on the patients through the dentist.

The dentist calls their patients for regular follow-ups to track how the implant’s condition in the bone. 

The condition of the implants is followed by the series of radiographs taken from the day of placement until the current date. The quality of the implant is determined with the longer the follow up with successful implant condition into the bone without any bone resorption or microbial adhesion by the implant itself.

This collection of data determines the quality of the implant.

A quality dental implant manufacturer, in turn, provides a longer warranty period for the implant.

With the increase in warranty, the price of the implant is increased.

The average cost of dental implants in India is approximately $400 per implant. The price rance increases when choosing a best implant with a longterm success rate, which last longer.

There are few affordable dental implants and many cheap dental implants, that doesn’t mean the implant quality is compromised. The data on the longevity of that specific implant is limited or unknown. 

The tooth implant cost in India also varies with the materials the implants are made of, the dental implants are generally made of titanium. When few manufacturers make dental implants with other materials such as Zirconia.

The zirconia is an expensive material that has property similar to titanium and completely metal-free, the cost of a zirconia implant is usually higher than the titanium implants.

The cost of the dental implant also differs from the additional components used to attach the teeth on the implant.

The cost of all on 4 dental implants differs from calculating with single implants this is because of the additional implant materials like multi-unit abutment(MUI).

MUI is an auxiliary implant material that helps in connecting teeth to the slanting implants in all on 4 or single implants.


The Best Dental Clinic Near My Hotel in Chennai.

If you are a traveler, tourist or looking for dental tourism in Chennai and if you’re seeking “the best dental clinic near my hotel” for a dental implant, aligners, root canal, laser, gum treatment, tooth pain, bleeding gums, etc. We are there to help you to fix your teeth without any trouble in your vacation.

Every destination in Chennai has become hassle-free to travel since we got the metro train and uber or ola cabs. A simple click will take us safely to our destination without any trouble.

The metro near us will be the Vadapani metro station.

Our dental clinic is located near a few star 5hotels, 3-star hotels, and business and boutique hotels in this article, I would like to help you to reach our dental clinic from your hotel easily by cab or metro.


1.4 km from the hotel to the clinic, 

Can travel by walk or can take a cab it will take just 5 mins.

6.6km to the clinic 

Can travel by cab, it will take 14 mins.

The Nandanam metro is the nearest metro you can take.

  • The welcomhotel 

7.2km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 14 mins.

            Thousand lights or Teynampet metro station is near your hotel.

  • The Hyatt Regency

6.8km to the clinic.

Can travel by cab, it will take 16 mins.

The nearest metro is Nadanam metro.

  • Taj Connemara

8.7km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 17 mins.

The nearest metro is the LIC metro.

  • Radisson blu hotel Chennai city center

8.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro is Nehru park metro 

  • Taj coromandel

6.7km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 16 mins.

Thousand lights and Kilpauk metro is the nearest metro.

  • Taj mount road

8.4km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 17 mins.

The nearest metro is LIC metro.

  • Ambica Empire

1.9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 5 mins.

  • Residency Hotel

6.1km to the clinic.

Can travel by cab, it will take 14 mins.

The nearest metro is Nandanam. 

  • Lemon Tree Hotel, Shimona, Chennai.

5.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 16 mins.

The nearest metro is Nandanam. 

  • E Hotel

6.7km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 15 mins.

  • The park

6.2km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 15 mins.

  • The spring

5.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 13 mins.

  • The pride Hotel

8.1km to the clinic 

Can travel by cab, it will take 16 mins.

The nearest metro station is Nehru park

  • Radha Regent

3.1km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 7 mins.

The nearest metro station is the Arumbakkam metro station.

  • Jaag hotel

4.5km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 10 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Pine tree hotel

7.7km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 16 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet or Washermenpet metro station.

  • Raj park hotel

7.6km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 15 mins.

The nearest metro station is DMS metro station.

  • Regenta Central Deccan

8.5km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 17 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet and Government Estate metro station.

  • Madras Hotel Ashoka

9.3km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 19 mins.

The nearest metro station is Egmore metro station.

  • Clarion hotel president

8.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Courtyard by Marriott Chennai

7.4km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 17 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Hotel Aadithya

1.4km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 5 mins.

  • Ramada by Wyndham

8.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 15 mins.

The nearest metro station is Saidapet metro station.

  • Hotel Maurya international

1.2km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 4mins.

  • Mapple Tree Hotel

2km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 5 mins.

  • Dee cee manor

6km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 14 mins.

The nearest metro station is AG-DMS metro station.

  • Quality inn Sabari

5.9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 15 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Hotel ginger Chennai Vadapalani 

1.9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 6 mins.

  • Hotel Atchaya

1.9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 6 mins.

  • Le Royal Meridien Chennai

6.9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 14mins.

The nearest metro station is Alandur metro station.

  • Hilton Chennai

5.6km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 11 mins.

The nearest metro station is the Ekkattuthangal metro station.

  • Turyaa Chennai

17.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 29 mins.

  • Somerset greenways

10.4km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 27 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Crowne plaza 

9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Holiday inn Chennai OMR

18.5km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 28 mins.

  • Vivanta , IT Expressway

23km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 34 mins.

  • Hablis

7.2km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 12 mins.

The nearest metro station is Alandur metro station.

  • Novotel Chennai

6.5km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Nandanam metro station.

  • Feathers A Radha Hotel

6.4km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

  • The Raintree 

7.8km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 20 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • ITC Grand Chola

8.7km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Guindy and Little mount metro station.

  • Taj clubhouse

8.4km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Nandanam metro station.

  • The Westin Chennai Velachery

10.2km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Nanganallur metro station.

  • JP Hotel Chennai

3.3km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 7 mins.

The nearest metro station is CMBT and Koyambedu metro station.

  • Urvashi residency

6km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 18 mins.

The nearest metro station is Teynampet metro station.

  • Emeral hotel and resort

9.7km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 20 mins.

The nearest metro station is Central metro station.

  • Accord metropolitan 

6.3km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 16 mins.

  • Benzz Park Hotel

5.9km to the clinic

Can travel by cab, it will take 14 mins.


February marks the beginning of National Children’s Dental Health month. This month in association with the American dental association is asking people to promote the benefits of good oral health in children. Te aim of this initiative is to work with children and reinforce in them the message that oral care is about overall care.

“Children learn more from what you are than what you teach”

Developing a mindset in kids about taking good care of teeth and regular dental visit is a kick-start to gifting your child lifetime of a healthy smile. Let dental care be the most important and interesting part of their daily routine. Many dental professionals are making an effort to create awareness of oral hygiene and inculcating dental habits in children.

Did you know tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in kids, second only to the common cold? In fact, about 80% of kids have tooth decay before they reach high school. Let’s take a step to defeat the monster in our mouth.

To begin with

Here are a few things you could do to help promote better oral health for children:

  • Brush your teeth with your children to set a good example
  • Supervise your child’s brushing on a daily basis. when your child’s age is over 4 you must hold their hands and teach them how to brush.
  • Educate them about the impact of different foods on teeth.
  • Ensure that your child loves to visit the dentist and do not scare them mentioning your dentist.
  • Recall them of the Brush rule – Two minutes Two times a day.
  • Encourage them to drink more water to prevent tooth decay.
  • Do not forget to take them to your dentist once in every six months.

Curious to develop a healthy smile for your child? Visit or talk to our experts for optimal oral hygiene.


Love yourself first and everything else falls into the line.

This Women’s day take a step for yourself – beyond celebrating the day, celebrate the woman in you. Why that self care is always limited to time for most of the woman? Every one of you are told that you deserve the best but do you really spare to give yourselves the same?

From battling the pressure to do everything and doing it well every woman tends to sacrifice and let go something. It is not that you have to unwrap the feminine spirit in you; it is about knowing to arrange things first.

Take a pause

Prolonged stress is being as common as breathing. Well yes. This is being invited by each one of you and is compounded by the poor choices that you make when at the edge. One must know how to unwind from stress. Start by making some time for yourself. Like you take efforts to fulfil responsibilities let your me- time fall under this category.

                                                                                  Your goals and dreams have a say too!

All of you deserve a life of your own. It is okay to dream big and plan to tackle and achieve the same. You are capable of so much more. There is nothing to feel stuck about. Remember, you will have equal opportunities only if you start to accept the same.

Learn to Say No

Family over everything is a good choice but not all the time. Over a period of time you might feel you enjoy your responsibilities but everything has saturation. So feel comfortable to use “No” It is not that you are trying to run away from your role it is about trying to create a balance and setting priorities. Do good to others but do good to yourself too.

It’s time to understand self care. It is not an uncharted territory to do so. One must be equally obliged with self care as much as one is obligated to be a caretaker.

Your smile speaks for you every time. Just like you ensure to be the all rounder your smile ensures to be the same. Don’t let your responsibilities occupy the smile space.

Bring in the transformation. Be so good that one is forced to applaud the sprint and vitality in you. Stop everything and think. What do you need to do to be well today?


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