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Equipped with hi-tech dental equipment, dental armamentarium and technology to provide best quality of treatment to our patients in an affordable price.

Certified Dentist Doctors

With over 7 years of dental experience and experience with implants, we are experts in all facets of dentistry.

Guarantee Success of Treatments

Most of our treatments are covered by a long-term guarantee which will be discussed with you before beginning treatment.

We Provide EMI's for our Customers

We have an option of providing 0% EMI’s for treatments to our Customers.(conditions apply)

Accepting Debit / Credit Cards

Our clinic can easily accept the customers with all credit/debit cards and create the history of cases for each.

Our Clinical Services

With a team of well trained medical and non-medical staff alongside experienced clinical technicians, we work round the clock to offer various services.

About our Clinic

Senthil Dental Care
Senthil Dental Care was established in 2011 and since inception we have catered in providing very high standards of quality treatments to all. With our highly experienced team of surgeons we prioritize in sufficing you with the best of oral care and hygiene. SDC’s team of well trained medical and non-medical staff with experienced clinical technicians work round the clock to offer various services. With its central location, in-house specialists and advanced technological healthcare facilities we aim at providing the best of service to everyone, thereby making it a recognized brand in Chennai.

What Our Patients Say

Professionalism - The doctors and nurses and aides were excellent. The food was excellent. I am feeling fine, back to... (Read more)

Rajesh Kumar
Tamil Nadu

Best Service - I count my experience with Dr Manikanda Prabhu and his staff as among my blessings! From my... (Read more)

Tamil Nadu

Satisfaction - Good treatment at affordable price. Satisfied treatment. Moreover Previously I had gone to another Doctor and Senthil Clinic... (Read more)

A Rangarajan
Tamil Nadu

Root Canal Treatment - This is the first visit here and it seems to be good. The doctor is very... (Read more)

Satish Kumar
Tamil Nadu

Tooth Decay - Treatment was very good and the service by the staff was also appreciable and hence I will... (Read more)

Tamil Nadu

Root Canal - I came with a complaint of severe tooth ache in both the side of my lower jaw.... (Read more)


Toothache - Very homely and polite felt safe and at home. Felt free to talk to him about my problems.... (Read more)


Tooth Extraction - He was very gentle and extracted the tooth without even a bit of pain. Very friendly doctor.... (Read more)

Tamil Nadu

Dental Surgery - Excellent. Use of hi-fi equipments. Courteous services. Clean atmosphere. Very big clinic. Experienced doctors. Nominal... (Read more)

Tamil Nadu

Dental Implant Fixing - I came for implant procedure for my missing teeth, the price was very reasonable and the... (Read more)

Tamil Nadu

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Latest News

Effects of Cigarette Smoking

Over the years, we have heard and seen the effects of cigarette smoking in form of lungs failure, TB, cancer, etc. Smoking also has a big impact on your teeth and gums. It has been a major cause of gum disease across many countries. The infection can affect the bone structure that supports your teeth, staining and loss of tooth, bad breath and in severe cases it can lead to mouth cancer as well. In general it would limit your mouth’s ability to fight infection against any bacteria...

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Tooth Attrition

Tooth attrition is commonly referred to as the loss of the enamel structure of the tooth. It is caused by tooth to tooth contact, resulting in loss of tooth tissue and sensitivity. The loss can be defined as pathological in nature, requiring an intervention by the dental practitioner. This is caused due to the vigorous brushing technique and sometimes due to the habitual clenching of the teeth...

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